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3 Steps to keep your homes cool this summer

Steps to keep your homes cool

Summer is the warmest season of the year and it definitely requires you to move from the warm, dark winter colours to the vibrant sunshine-loving wall paint colours in our homes. And nothing makes your home ‘summer ready’ than a coat of bright,soft and light colors on your walls!

1. Paint your homes with ‘vibrant colors’

The color of your homes can affect heat absorption. The use of darker and dull colors can absorb more of the sun’s radiant energy than light colored paints which can then be transferred into your home.

But, if you’re not a fan of light colored tones at home don’t let that stand in the way of giving your home a welcome summer makeover. A single wall, dressed in summer-inspired colour combinations can uplift the ambience of an entire room.

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2. Heard of Heat- Reflective Roof paints?


INFRA COOL’s Heat reflective roof paints is an external coating system that uses nano-reflectors in creating a thermal barrier that reduces the surface temperature upto 22°C and ambient temperature upto 10°C during extreme weather conditions. Our product has been specially formulated to reflect the invisible portion of the light spectrum, thereby helping to reflect heat without changing color. INFRA COOL’s Roof paints can drastically reduce your home’s internal temperature. If you do have air conditioning, coating your roof with our product can save the you up to 15% off your cooling bill.

3. Keep your walls cool with InfraCool Heat Reflective Wall paint!


INFRA COOL’s Heat reflective wall paints can reflect upto 80% of the solar radiation keeping your home’s interiors cool. We provide an interior and an exterior range of paints under this category, both of which reduces the heat load on the building which increases the longevity of your house and provides a cooler home.

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