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How to prevent water leakage?

Preventing water leakage

As much as we would like to watch the rains by rolling out the curtains and sitting on the couch to admire the beauty of nature, However, if the roof above your head is not coated with waterproofing products, a beautiful rainy day can quickly turn into the worst nightmare. So, it is mandatory to construct and paint the roof with waterproofing products with an uncompromising quality since it protects us from several external factors like rains, thunders, scorching heat, and solar radiation. We have provided you the gold standard water proofing solution to protect your roof from damping and rainwater penetration.

1. When to waterproof your homes?

It is ideal to waterproof your homes during constructing the building structure itself. But, Often times, homeowners won’t know they have a leak until it’s already done a considerable amount of damage. But it’s not too late to save your deteriorating structure. Call our expert at +91 8606 060 300 to check on your home’s condition to provide you with the best solution!

2. Where is waterproofing solutions necessary?

  • Basement
  • Bathroom Floors
  • Balconies
  • Swimming pool
  • Terrace / Roof
  • Water storage / Sump

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3. What material do we employ in protecting your homes from water leakages?

Our product, HYDROPHOBE is an Epoxy paint is made from resins, and is chemically known as poly-epoxides which is a thermal-setting polymer. This is best suited for application as a water proofing agent since it repels water and it prevents damping of your roof. Coating your roofs, bathrooms, Water storage sumps, balconies, etc can protect your structure from water penetration, chemicals and even a few acids. HYDROPHOBE is more durable because it is 6% thicker than the other waterproofing solutions & waterproofing paint for terrace. Hence this product would be ideal for your homes since it is possesses the ‘water repellent’ technology.

4. What are the benefits of waterproofing your homes?

Protection from flooding
In a country like India which is affected by the sporadic Monsoon season, there is always a chance of your home to get flooded because of the heavy rainfall. Hence administration of waterproofing methods in places can protect your home from water damage and extra costs incurred in repairing the damage.

Improving structural integrity
Even the presence of a tiny bit of moisture can damage your property by resulting in cracks being formed on the floor and wall which weakens the structure and eventually leads to rotting. Without waterproofing, the basement can get compromised due to excessive moisture from hydrostatic pressure or upward pressure of the groundwater. This can impair the durability of the foundation which is a serious threat for your home.

Prevents health issues
Failure to waterproof your homes might lead to the growth of mold within 24-48 hours of water penetrating the house. Mold and mildew reduces the quality of air in a house and also cause severe respiratory infections, skin irritation, asthma, eye infections, coughing, wheezing, and breathing problems. Using HYDROPHOBE will prevent the occurrence of such issues.

Increases property value
The investment you make in waterproofing your house will pay for itself. Waterproofed exteriors and interiors add value to your property since this makes renovation and furnishing easier. It adds extra protection thus reducing maintenance costs in the future. All this makes the house much more desirable in the eyes of a prospective buyer.

In search for an expert advice in water proofing?